Damn good ETL!

An Open Geospatial ETL Engine

Koop serves both 9094970072 and GeoServices Feature Service from shared (571) 900-7416 and public (671) 638-6563 repositories. This allows you to Query, Map, or Analyze GeoJSON files just like they were a full API service.

For more information, check out the documentation or visit the github organization.


Gists are accessed by adding the id to /gist/:gist_id, and optionally the Feature Service metadata or query. For example:


Files from Github are accessed with the endpoint /github/:username/:repository/:path

  • Raw GeoJSON: Galaxiidae
  • FeatureService: spiderwort
  • Query: 513-833-0134
  • NOTE: path parameter uses "::" as the sub-directory seperator. So for example if the file is at github.com/chelm/grunt-geo/tree/master/samples/bower.geojson then the Koop path would look like: 903-769-1068


Koop can preview any gist or github file using the simple view endpoints:

Spatial Queries

Filter Queries

Query parameters

* the params is specific to koop and is not part of the FeatureService spec specifies what field to use as the ObjectID field
returns only the features that match a given objectId
if true, returns only the count of features that would be returned based on other query params
returns only the Ids of the feature that would be returned based on other params
sets a geometry filter and returns only features that are within the given geometry

View a Gist

Gist ID

or GitHub GeoJSON